Stephen J. Emmott (born 3 June ) is a Professor and Head of Computational Science at . “Population 10 Billion by Danny Dorling and Ten Billion by Stephen Emmott – review”. The Guardian. London. ^ Goodall, Chris (). 10 Billion aims to take a dramatic look at the challenges we face today, from Stephen Emmott is Head of Computational Science at Microsoft. Ten Billion by Stephen Emmott Sep 10, | Pages. Buy . production of TEN BILLION, performed by Stephen Emmott at London’s Royal Court Theatre.

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There are many important books that must be read. And 10 Billion by the end of the century, that is with restraint. Food production a Panic Emmott writes page We currently have no known means of being able to feed ten billion of us at our current rate of consumption and with our current agricultural system. Quotes from Ten Billion. Preview — Ten Billion by Stephen Emmott. The rubber of the roads has to be produced in for example Indonesia and again shipped to other country to make tyres.

A rise in celsius degrees,probably more, in mean global temperatures seems inevitable The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change,whose job it has been for twenty years to ensure stabilice greenhouse gases on earths athmosfere: Finally, a world to all future climate scientists and authors who want to “get the word out.

Stephen Emmott speaking in Read it Forward Read it first. Arctic ice floats on water and when it melts it does not raise sea levels by a measurable amount. I hope and try to act as if we aren’t, but it is so very hard not to believe we aren’t indeed totally, utterly fucked.

Stephen Emmott’s 10 billion book is unscientific and misanthropic | Environment | The Guardian

Oct 20, Jeff Wyonch rated it it was amazing. Perhaps the author intended this book to be an introduction to this huge problem which mankind now emmoht.

Her research interests lie in international development and the intersections between health, the environment, economics and politics.


The author has shown the alarming statistics with citations and proved that increase in population, climate change, This book is another bitter reminder of the direction of our future. Jul 02, David rated it it was ok. But those charts that I was able to source are generally mis-drawn or downright misleading. Sep 10, 74 Minutes Buy.

Stephen Emmott

As the population continues to grow, our problems will increase. To increase food production new crop lands will be needed. In the end, his ambivalent feelings towards humanity come out all too clearly.

I’ll start by saying that I get some of the dislike for the book, its tone, and the author.

In his eyes the world is hurtling towards disaster at ever-increasing speed. Greenland and Arctic ice sheets are now losing some billion tonnes of mass per year into the sea. Educate yourself and read this book and if you still want to kepp on the same I guess we deserve it.

And Barack Obama has committed to extending the importation of tar sands oil from Alberta in Canada to the US through the development of the ‘Keystone XL’ project — providing US consumers with close to one million barrels biklion oil per day from Canadian tar sands.

In a book like this, a book that makes bold claims with few references, it’s too easy for skeptics to simply cast billion aside, call it hyperbolic, and move on.

Human’s emerged as a speciesyears ago. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I bicycle everywhere I can; I take the train if I need to go farther. If someone has a scientific bent and wishes to hear a fire and brimstone sermon and calls to repent for the end is nigh one can pick up environmental literature and feel a sinners remorse and wrath of almighty mother nature.

Russian scientists have discovered more than sources of methane emissions in the Arctic, particularly in the north of the Laptev Sea.

It would be a very good thing if as many people as possible read it. All of us see these difficult problems but most see them as soluble. However he seems to have used research work by Russian scientists from The record was not of granted licences but the number of licence applications. Several of his very sparsely filled pages are given over to discussing how much water is needed to grow food but nowhere does he discuss the global availability.


Therefore, it is light reading in the sense of quantity of text.

Stephen Emmott’s population book is unscientific and misanthropic

The book does indeed often read like a script, or maybe as the notes to accompany his previous lecture, with just a few lines on the top of each page.

Keystone XL pipeline Emmott says page 76 And Barack Obama has committed to extending the importation of tar sands oil from Alberta in Canada to the US through the development of the ‘Keystone XL’ project — providing US consumers with close to one million barrels of oil per day from Canadian tar sands. That being said, if even half of what he says is true, we need to start training our children to be very creative thinkers, because the proverbial shit will be hitting the fan some time later this century.

But I don’t think we will. But as he himself admits, this is not far short of the truth. I’ve mentioned a few of them below to demonstrate the range of surprising misstatements. He is blunt, and to the point, and that is what makes this a simply enlightening read.

Aug 10, Chris rated it liked it. It’s written as someone’s power point presentation and stuck into Last week Dh and I were watching the news and had a conversation that we both agree on The data of rainforest destruction,overexploted seas,overexploted acuifers and so on equally depressing.

When Jennifer Paterson, one of the Two Fat Ladies of television cooking fame, came to killing a lobster on screen, she addressed the squeamish in her audience with the words: