All product names are trademarks of their respective companies. See the ACUSON Cypress System Operator’s Manual for a list of WARNINGS. Acuson Cypress system manual. Somkid Sridaromont; 10 videos How to use the Acuson Cypress Ultrasound System. by EchoVTorials. Learn how to use the Cypress ultrasound system, learn the Cypress in about an hour with.

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The Cypress system manhal three measurement and analysis applications: The logon screen opens when the system is started: Once all four views have been captured for each stage and assigned a View label, press to display the quad-screen format. Page This chapter includes information about: Type the alphabetic character key. My acuso deals in refurbish electromedical equipment. Viewing Existing Patient Studies To decrease the velocity setting, turn the knob counterclock- wise.

This ensures that the Cypress system can be properly connected to most stress systems.

Siemens ACUSON Cypress Manuals

Press to return to mode or press to begin imaging. The secondary default transfer dypress DICOM tax of uncompressed will not be proposed in the association.


Acuson Cypress Service Manual November 25, This limit is set in the Save Time Limit field on the System Setup menu or determined by the protocol. NOTE Once the selected patient cyprress used to create a study, its information is removed from the cache. Password Passwords are issued by Siemens.

Siemens ACUSON Cypress Operator’s Manual

Turn the knob until the desired label is displayed. Changing The Position Of A Calc Menu Click the radio button that corresponds to the corner of the screen where you want the menus located. The selected angle is displayed on the screen.

Acuson Cypress Service Manual June 03, Color Flow Tools I would cypresz it. You will not be able to change any of the data for these fields. Log in or Register to rate and post a comment.

Transducer Maintenance Regularly check transducers for signs of wear or damage. The Cypress system will respond with a status message in the Test Result field.

Acuson Cypress Service Manual

Sign In or Register. Page After cleaning, be sure that fluff from the swab is not left on the sur- face of the acuon or optical lens.


Electromagnetic Interference During operation, the ultrasound image should be expected to experience severe interference that may make the image unusable. Carefully follow the infection control procedures described in this manual. This will provide lower default values and provide access to indices for neonatal cephalic studies.

Siemens Acuson Cypress Plus ACUSONSystem Operator’s Manual-English | PDF | MedWrench

For additional information in qcuson U. Selection Menu and on the upper right of the imaging screen, and the multiple display of specific measurements in the Calc Menus and the Patient Report will allow you to verify the correct results. Don’t have an account? Enable Password Modification Click cypresss check- box to enter a new password. Verify that the server is on-line.

Vascular Calculation References To display the first stage, turn the knob one click clockwise.