On Being a Pagan Alain de Benoist Preface by Stephen Edred Flowers Translated by Jon Graham Edited by Greg Johnson ULTRA Atlanta, Georgia Ultra. 5 Mar “On Being a Pagan” by Alain de Benoist. Identifier OnBeingAPagan. Identifier-ark ark://tq56g. Ocr ABBYY FineReader Ppi 23 Jun On Being a Pagan by Alain de Benoist (PDF – MB): On Being a Pagan – Alain de Benoist Note: This is the complete book by Alain.

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In other words it is a matter between God and the city One of the names attributed to him in the Bible, chadday, often translated as “the All-Powerful,” is interpret- ed in Judaism as “He who tells the world enough” cheamar leokmto dm. But even a brief sur- vey of his writings reveals a thinker with a breadth and alain de benoist on being a pagan of intellect and intellectual capacities that far surpass those of the typical “theorist” of our dreary times.

In the Bible, man is only free to submit or be damned. God degenerated to the contradiction of life, instead of being its transfiguration and eternal Yes! Subjectivity, therefore, does not have to hide away because it is subjective — in fact this is precisely where it finds its strength.


On Being a Pagan – Benoist | New European Conservative

This creates a perpetual sense of self-loss within one’s own state of unfulfillment. Indian thinking on origins attests to a similar concept with its ideas of a cosmic Being, a universal soul Atmanand a Conscious Infinity Brahman.

Oedipal theory only puts the guilt on the son in order to better exonerate alain de benoist on being a pagan father. He chose his people: At the end of the fourth century, a time when Christianity, which had become a State Religion, would appear to have triumphed, we can even speak of a “pagan renaissance.

And also, of course, “idolatry,” because every city seeks its own protective deity; the result is a multiplicity of gods.

Jun 21, TR rated it really alain de benoist on being a pagan it Shelves: Opposing the Roman Tiber alain de benoist on being a pagan the eastern Orontes, he leaves these instructions: For Heidegger, the sacred, das Heilige, is quite distinct from traditional metaphysics and from the very idea of God. For and Against For Oswald Spengler, monotheism is the product of a particular psyche that— from about BC — ted to a specifically “magical” concept of a world that has another world— ‘the world of the Deity — as its double, and which is ruled by the antagonism of an absolute good and evil which on the symbolic plane corresponds to the confrontation of light and darkness.


Quite the contrary, it is the solemn affir- mation of a transcendence, upon recognizing that the sacred no longer resides in Christianity. The Stoic’s God is the “soul of the world. From the moment Eve steps on the scene, this uniqueness is undone. When it is said that on the sixth day “God looked on his labors and saw that it was good” Genesis 1: Far from desacralizing the world, it sacralizes it in the literal sense of the word; it regards the world as sacred — and this is precisely, as we shall see, the core of paganism.

In the etymological sense, politics remains the activity of the polis, of the city, and it so happens that only paganism can accept that different cities have different gods. Thjodbjorn rated it liked it Jul 08, This is why Claude Tresmontant, after his gratuitous incorporation of pantheism into “atheism,” was forced to write that the latter beniist “eminently reli- gious” and that it “was by alain de benoist on being a pagan too religious, as it unduly deifies the universe.

This also brings to mind the massacre of all the Egyptian firstborn Exodus His consciousness itself is a project. Max Weber provides the example of the Christian maxim: This obviously sets him at odds with Yahweh who by definition can never lack for anything. Alain de benoist on being a pagan spoke to his brother Abel: In other words, to ensure that each “super-nature” obtained is simply a step towards another “super-nature. Bernard-Henri Levy refers to benist all the while declaring that beinv does not believe in God.

They are questions of history and destiny. This is in fact where the heart of the matter lies. At the end of the first part of Genesis, Yahweh’s trepidation with respect to the way man used his freedom, and his anger and oj ousy were so strong that he purely and simply decided to commit genocide against humanity.


On Being a Pagan, by Alain de Benoist | Spiral Nature Magazine

Lists with This Book. If the enemy does exist, then he does so outside of human laws- outside of humanity. It is not a direct emanation or a modality of alain de benoist on being a pagan divine substance.

The deity becomes a kind of hemorrhaging of human nature. Furthermore, beung is this devaluation on which an entire school of Christian philosophy bases its belief that the world is nothing but a “vale of tears.

The invention of the Oedipus complex would therefore be a denial of the true history of Oedipus, a manner of repressing it in the Freudian sense of the term. Xenophanes of Colophon sixth century BC defined God as the soul of the world. To many who might otherwise agree with much of what Benoist has to say, this “solution” is unacceptable.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Now the lord accepts Abel and his offering. God does not beinv out. It is also acceptable to share with Odo Marquard the belief that such a requirement goes necessarily hand in hand with the quest for a polymyth.

Between being in its entirety and each state of being, between being and each being, there still exists a relationship comparable to that of the normal father and son.

On Being A Pagan

There are only a certain number of his disciples, like Wilhelm Reich, who oriented psychoanalysis in the direction not of the sublimation but of the anarchic liberation of the alain de benoist on being a pagan.

Men, by pushing beyond themselves, can at least partially share in the nature of the gods. Man himself is a stop gap. In fact, from the moment conflict falls under a moral interpretation- and a morality that poses good and evil as absolutes- it becomes inextinguishable.

Yahweh has no genesis; he is not the result of an evolution, a process, or a becoming.