Bear, Otter, and the Kid (Bear, Otter, and the Kid Chronicles Book 1) – Kindle edition by TJ Klune. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. The Art of Breathing (Bear, Otter, and the Kid Chronicles Book 3) – Kindle edition by TJ Klune. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Review: Bear, Otter, and the Kid by T.J. Klune (or more like review of the movie Shelter). ETA: I have changed the final grading to 1, I enjoyed.

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Three years later, they’re doing okay, although Bear still has no idea how he ended up with the Kid as a little brother, since the Kid is, hands down, the smartest child on the planet.

The teh is present. There’s drama for you, your family, your friends, their friends, their friends’ friends So basically, it makes the emotions the book invokes that much powerful but also it makes you love the story, koune matter how sad, that much more.

Bear, Otter, and the Kid Series by T.J. Klune

There is no reason for Otter to be eight years older. I saw the movie a couple of years ago and this book has the same characters, same story development, same guy-gives-up-scholarship-to-take-care-of-small-child plot.

Known as Kid to all that loved him. I didn’t expect it to be this good. They are all done with so much humour and warmth.

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The BF talks crudely about girls and his career options after college. Do you wait to tell the kids that Mommy and Daddy are in love because love is something only for grown ups? If he can fake it enough to play pranks on them, he should stay cool with it.


The bath tub scenes were heartbreaking,but Oh the dinner on the beach nad Well, first of all, I hate books written in first person. I loved them all in the end and I’m satisfied. The sister leaves with a man to go to Portland, Oregon where the man has found a job.

Yes, p All roads point to Susan hating this book: The kid is way too smart, even for a smart kid. That’s the age Ty is for most kdi the book. Never before have I not known how to summarize a book–put it into a neat little package so that you, dear reader, could get the gist of the story, hear my thoughts and walk away to decide for yourself whether or not you w Never before in my life have I been at a place where I was unsure how to begin And when he stopped resisting, he was still really wound tight over anyone knowing before he figured things out.

He has a very unique writingstyle, which I love very much. I loved the unconditional way he loved and cared for Ty. He doesn’t read relationship books, he reads stuff on disasters. This big bunch of characters are all close together with quite unique “big family” bonds. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Like most smart nerdy kids, we didn’t have the social skills most kids do. It were all more about trust, brotherhood, kline be gay, and to dare to follow your true inner feelings.

And you know how I am… all of that anxiety and torment, mixed in with those little stomach butterflies. Bear was so confused about his sexuality,but he knew that only one person kept him grounded. I don’t know if it’s sad as of yet. Iid be honest, the temptation to meet Tyson The Amazing Wonderful Kid once again will be too tough to resist.


He was tthe most realistic of all the characters because even though he loved his brother he sometimes resented him. Of the two of them the less developed character and the most stereotypical one, was Creed, but he was very likeable and I was happy to see how things worked kkid for him. He is the younger brother we would all love to have – wise but so very young and so flawed and just one more heartbreak away from a catastrophe.

Otter is gay, Bear does not think he is gay, yet his whole life he has known that there is no one he wants more, no one he needs more than Otter. That drives me crazy. The review must be at least 50 characters long.

Bear, Otter, and the Kid

Otter is gay, and he and Bear shared a drunken kiss three years before, the very night Otter up and left for Cali. In fact, Bear refers to his best friend Creed, who anf to be Otter’s brother, as his own brother. After three years, he knows he never will. And my friend Eleftheria hadn’t read it, either, so we decided to do a buddy read.