Blessed Unrest has ratings and reviews. Robert said: Paul Hawken’s new book, entitled Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement in the World Cam . “Blessed Unrest” is about a movement that no one has noticed, not even the people involved. “The movement,” as Paul Hawken calls it. The New York Times bestselling examination of the worldwide movement for social and environmental change Paul Hawken has spent more than a decade.

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When we hear about a chemical spill in a river, it is never reported that more than organizations in North America have adopted a river, creek, or urest a local example is A Rocha – a worldwide Christian environmental movement – that has adopted such a river in South Surrey – the Little Campbell River.

I have been ignorant of many of these economic and environmental injustices and so am grateful that my eyes are being opened, however slowly. This is one of a long list of abominations on life and nature committed by the corporate state.

The Movement of Movements – the self-organizing, powerful and natural force of mankind forming a new paradigm of conscious co-creation! His stories were for the most part depressing – Bhopal, Conquest, Valdez – about corporate and governmental i.

He makes these points cogently, without relying on emotional entreaties, and with an interesting breadth of evidence. It is flagrant in the epigraph from which the Blessed Unrest title is taken: It took a while to get started, but this book was worth the work. My enjoyment in reading this is only matched by my nervousness that is feeding every prejudice I have and strengthening them without challenging them. It is taking shape in schoolrooms, farms, jungles, villages, companies, deserts, fisheries, slums — and yes, even fancy New York hotels.

Actually, you can discern this from the exclusion of certain issues. Perhaps worst of all for readershis rigid Cold War ideology forces him to equate socialism with complete State control, completely negating socialism as production for social needs as opposed to profits and its wide array of practicalities: I appreciated the breadth of the book and how the chapters were organized.


I love this book. Or look at the grassroots movements and true believers on both sides of the blesssd issue in America. Praxis Institute for Peace Book Tour, 8: These movements were later called Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, monotheistic Judaism, democracy, and philosophical rationalism; the second flowering of the Axial Age brought forth Christianity, Islam, and Rabbinical Judaism.

Fear can motivate immediate action in the short-run, but hope can be sustained. Trivia About Blessed Unrest: Feb 08, Kate rated it it was amazing. Since reading this, I’ve definitely approached social and ahwken justice with a new outlook. Paul Hawken has created a wondrous experience — a book that magically weaves together the world across time and place.

If you examine its values, missions, goals, and principles, and I urge you to do so, you will see that at the core of all organizations are two principles, albeit unstated: I didn’t intend it; optimism discovered me”.

When, inevitably, my daughters someday feels their hearts broken by the wounded world they have inherited, I will be handing them this and a precious few other books. The direction of hnrest is abysmal.

Paul Hawken, Blessed Unrest: A Critique

I have no idea what such passages mean. In the second, the rules change whenever necessary to keep the game going. So the book gets only an “okay” from me for being rambly, but it does have lo This book is about If it is Yahweh, may we touch the holy wall and shed unrfst of gratitude.

He allows us to see it for the first time the fabric of a movement of human and planetary evolution– the Earth’s own immune system hard at work. I do want to read more recent books by Hawken.


It is a manifesto of hope for the 21st century grounded squarely in the hearts of engaged people around the planet. Is it atomized for reasons that are innate to its purpose?

But the philosophy and spirituality of these centuries constituted a movement nevertheless, a movement we can recognize in hindsight. Paul Hawken has written an important and significant book—intelligent, compelling, moving, and hopeful.

They urged their followers to change how they behaved in the world.

Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement in the World Came Into Being and Why No One Saw It Coming

In the simplicity of his explanations of the Problems of Civilization, Hawken’s book is remarkably similar to ” The Story of Stuff. What would it take blssed give our species the hawlen to remedy this?

His use of “social entrepreneurs” reveals his confusion towards private profit-seeking and the capitalist world system. Green Festival San Francisco. Furthermore, the centralized decision maker, because they are often far from the scene the decision applies to, may be applying rigid, incorrect theories in their decision making.

He currently operates a nonprofit organization. David Suzuki has been prescient for 40 years. Lists with This Book. Hawken provides information about “the movement” which unites people resisting government policies, corporate greed, and ideologies that endanger the earth and its peoples. A free market, so lovely in theory, is no more feasible in practice than a society without laws. Paul Hawken chronicles and testifies on behalf of this “movement with no name” with his charismatic intelligence and insight.

Green, safe, livable cities are at the fingertips of architects and designers.