The first Subbuteo figure was the flat two dimensional cardboard figure first seen Available teams were numbers in the catalogue plus some special. West Ham. 1. Claret base 2. Sky base 3. Claret base with flesh plastic 4. Red base with flesh plastic 5. White base with blue inners flesh plastic 6. Blue base. The complete team, starters and substitutes. 22 outfield players + 3 rodded keepers. Please specify in the ORDER NOTES the number and the name of the.

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Technical stuff and I am particularly fond of the Scarecrow and remember getting a set of these in red with my first Club edition, painting all the white in the kit with red Airfix paint to create a makeshift Liverpool until I got the ‘proper’ thing for my birthday. This highly detailed player was available until around increasing the range of teams to some in total. Although it was also sold in as The classic heavyweight began to appear inand replaced the previous short sleeved player type very quickly.

The common version, with simplified trim painted onto flesh plastic. First shown on the Little-plastic-men website, I’ve recently picked up this team locally. Nijmegen Hol Como Italy Italian sides. Known as the ‘Dwarf’ the figure stands slightly shorter and stockier than the classic heavyweight.

With Subbuteo production at a halt, Hasbro granted license to an Italian firm, Edilio Parodi in to manufacture a new range of teams which was short lived and ceased in late With the machines came the more intricate kits and by the middle ‘s it was possible to buy Premiership teams, still on the two colour bases with sponsors logos, very fine detail and for the first time since the one off Heavyweight France team in the late ‘s, mixed race teams that included three dark skinned players.


Kick Off – Subbuteo replica basi HW e miniature

Mark Adolph has pictures of a side from a different Subbuteo factory wearing the same kit. This page gives us the Dutch sides, and most of the Italian ones from this expansion. Blue catallogo arm stripes variation 5. Interestingly, this innovative new figure along with the ever expanding accessory range was probably one of the main reasons that in Subbuteo’s main rival, Newfooty, ceased production as the company was still plodding away producing the now dated flat figures that had remained largely unchanged since During it’s long reign, the Classic Heavyweight remained the standard figure for the growing number of available kits in the catalogue but other designs of player were used in the boxed starter sets and also for the eight subuteo Football Express teams.

Originally a named box side, this was sold as reference 28 in the late s. When they changed to No23, this was left blank until it was deleted from the range. Hol N. Red base black inner 5.

Catalogo HW

For the more mature collector like myself, who just wants to own complete teams, this does prove a little tricky and have only just escaped being arrested on two occasions while hanging around school playgrounds attempting to swap one of my fifteen Ze Maria’s for that elusive Michael Owen.


A common Italian kit, it existed in lightweight until sbubuteo Blue base black inner. Moulded with sock trim 5. However, it also seems to have been produced with black paint replacing the blue.

Astrobase – Book SUBBUTEO LW (The LW Catalogue 2 Books)

Blue base blue socks 3. Gold, Tangerine, and possibly Amber. The stripes on this team seem to start as red and yellow, before becoming claret and amber. The colours match the Catalonian flag, although this could be a coincidence. By the late ‘s, Subbuteo Sports Games Limited were selling so many teams the painters couldn’t keep up with demand and a new figure was needed that could be machine painted for the growing home catqlogo overseas markets.

So it is quite a rare side. Sky blue base 3. The Zombie Page Lightweights ss: First catalkgo Claret shirt with blue V neck, light blue shorts. White base two arm stripes 2.

Darlingtonequally small Scottish sides e. Very occasionally and in limited reference numbers, another type of heavyweight can be found. The Main Subbuteo Page.

It inherited a range subbjteo fifty-two teams, and the World Cup range. This site is not connected to or endorsed by Hasbro the current owners of Subbuteo. No Little Plastic Men were harmed in the making of this web site. From left to right