Off Balance has ratings and reviews. La Petite Américaine said: I first encountered Dominique Moceanu the same way everyone else did: on TV whe. Read the first chapter of former gymnast Dominique Moceanu’s memoir, “Off Balance,” in which she discusses discovering the sister she never. Off Balance,” Dominique Moceanu’s memoir, paints a dark picture of legendary coach Bela Karolyi and of elite gymnastics. The Olympian.

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She jumps around a bit goes back and forth from the past to the present which can be a bit distracting, and glosses over her “bad girl days” of drugs and alcohol abuse and some of coaches but otherwise an interesting book.

Sharing the spotlight with the group was the legendary Bela Karolyi, a warm-hearted, bear-like coach who propelled Moceanu and Kerri Strug, who famously vaulted on an injured ankle to glory.

Dominique does cominique great job of presenting her story without asking for sympathy or pity.

Off Balance | Book by Dominique Moceanu, Teri Williams | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Armed man arrested while heading to church to dominiwue ‘a prophecy,’ police say. The story of her secret sister, who seems like a domknique firecracker, makes me wish I was reading Jennifer’s book, to be honest.

The majority of the book is about her life growing up as a gymnast, and the majority of that seems to be using a book to publicly shame all the people who wronged her. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

For Gymnast Moceanu, Life Threw Her Off Balance : NPR

Learn more about Amazon Prime. You know, it was interesting, what – you actually write about this in the book, how in hindsight, it was actually kind of interesting that they were willing to spend so much on your training because they were struggling, as you said, immigrants from Romania, really, kind of, at times, living kind of hand-to-mouth.


Moceanu’s telling of the dark side of Mocaenu.

According to Tata, I was destined for greatness, so I did my best not to disappoint my parents. Sep 12, Cari rated it liked it Shelves: Kim Jong Un expected to ring in balajce big policy speech. Woman’s team won a gold medal in the team competition for gymnastics.

Dominique Moceanu is the youngest American gymnast to win an Olympic gold medal and the youngest to win the all-around title at the US Senior Nationals. So finding that at the time that I found it out, I mean I was nine months pregnant, I was in the midst of my five final exams, and I was becoming a mother.

Book 46 in You should be very proud because there’s so many great things you accomplished in the sport and don’t let these people ruin it for you because they harmed you. Naturally I had to read this book to find out more about her life. Kim Jong Un reaffirms commitment to denuclearization in letter to South Korea.

For Gymnast Moceanu, Life Threw Her Off Balance

To be fair, you could just as easily read about a lot of it if you visited her Wikipedia page, but I hadn’t really kept tabs orf her over the last decade so it was interesting to read the whole story from start to finish in her own words. But as strange is it was, Dlminique related.

Jennifer would have been the middle sister. There is a lot of stuff here–a long lost, and yet unknown sister, emancipation from her parents, an abusive father, Olympic gold medal and coaches who appear to be self serving, to put it mildly. I finally got to the front of the line, received my package, and walked out into the rain.

‘Off Balance’ sheds light on world of elite gymnastics

I was an only child for the first eight years of my life. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. The shocking revelation of mooceanu long lost sister and her foray into the dark world of drugs and alcohol took me by surprise, but I appreciated her honesty about the tough subjects.

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Moceanu never got that kind of parental support. Why is Dominique Moceanu: A year of disruption: I think it was accurate in describing the type of personality that excels in the sport perfectionist, determined beyond all get out, athletically gifted, goal-oriented, extremely hard-working, and willing to do almost whatever it took to win.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. In the case of Moceanu for most this would be when she and the U. I thought, “Well, that kid’s either naive or lying. And I felt that I had so much to say in my heart and I’m telling the truth. I found little details like those here and there off and that bugged me.

My parents, Dminique immigrants, struggled to provide me a better life than the ones they had left in their homeland.

Much has been made of the fact that she was miserable with the Karolyis. To me the writing was jumpy and somewhat hard to follow.

Thank you so much for joining us. It defiantly gives you a inside look into the girl she was and how she became the woman she is today. She paints a very rough picture of the Karolyis, who coach their American gymnast as though they were career athletes of communist Russia. As a father and husband, he ruled our house with an iron fist. Gymnastics is the only sport in the country that has this sort of system, and it’s modeled after Russian and Romanian gymnastics.

I appreciated that she wasn’t afraid to hold things back, but was still somewhat fair to everyone in the book.