Earth Under Fire: Humanity’s Survival of the Ice Age [Paul A. LaViolette Ph.D.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An investigation of the. In Earth Under Fire, Paul LaViolette investigates the connection between ancient world catastrophe myths and modern scientific evidence of a galactic. Earth Under Fire has 51 ratings and 5 reviews. David said: Astrophysicist Dr. Paul LaViolette holds a few basic premises which are thoroughly detailed in.

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Myths are created to explain all the cosmic and terrestrial phenomena observed, often as a wandering or wounded sun god, and as battles among gods who cast lightning bolts and bring down floods.

Lavioletfe information reveals the intelligence and ingenuity of our ancestors who, when faced with extinction, found the means to warn us that the apocalypse that destroyed them could occur once again. Open Preview See a Problem? Marina rated it liked it Jun 07, The Earth has undergone many cataclysms in its history, but human civilisation has been around long enough to witness only a few of these.

Dennis Francis rated it really liked it Aug 02, Want to Read saving…. For more information on donating click here. He writes that the ending for his story was inspired from reading Earth Under Fiire.

This book is a detailed read, but well worth it. Compiles myths and legends from all over the world relating the occurrence of a past cataclysm. Lists with This Book. This is a book that both fascinates and frightens. This book accomplishes so much, that it lavilette hard to say anything about it.

Earth Under Fire (Book)

Instead, LaViolette disposes of the pole-shift approach in two pages at the end of section Learn how your comment data is processed. My own reaction to this book is that I feel that, at last, I have a very warth explanation for what caused the cataclysmic period that coincided with the end of the last ice age.


But it fure not so clear to me that the rest of the zodiac carries information on a dozen scientific processes which lead to creation, nor that they describe his theory of subquantum kinetics, whereby all 3D matter is created from fluctuations in the building blocks of matter that exist in a 4D plane of ether, or that the slight difference in the nuder microwave temperature gradient, or the background temperature of the universe a fraction of a degree more in one direction compared to the other, both near absolute zero are all encoded in the zodiac.

Daniel rated it it was amazing Jan 23, Back to Stargate Portal Sphinx Stargate: It even has information relevant to the fu This book is a detailed read, but well worth it. Extremely interesting and well explained hypothesis. Which basically means that when we analyze most supernova, and consider when we saw them from Earth, and subtract their distance in light years from that date, and again subtract lavkolette distance from the galactic center, we reach approximately laviolette same date every time – and that is when a superwave started.

Trivia About Earth Under Fire Armando Canales, The Critical Review As our world draws near to the yearthere is an increased interest in catastrophes, prophecies, and past civilizations as well as earth changes. LaViolette concludes laviolettr these catastrophes of greater and eart degrees are the result of eruptions from the centre of our Milky Way galaxy.

David Sakmyster, writer Dear Dr. Here I report some preliminary results, as research is still ongoing. The most recent blast caused the end of the last Ice Age, about 11, years ago, when a sudden melting of the ice sheets released titanic floods over large parts of North America and Eurasia.

Earth Under Fire: Humanity’s Survival of the Ice Age by Paul A. LaViolette

The ice age itself may have been caused by a larger cosmic dust cloud. Francesco Di Giuseppe rated it it unxer amazing Nov 04, Thanks for telling us about the problem. If the indications from the Mayan calendar are correct, another such wave may be incoming around AD. So thank you, Dr.


Earth Under Fire: Humanity’s Survival of the Ice Age

Illuminates the Book of Revelation. The amateur [non-scientist] will want to follow up and read the sources referenced in his notes.

Rob Williams rated it it was amazing Mar 11, John Landry rated it it was amazing Feb 05, Matt Graham rated it really liked it Dec 22, Provides scientific evidence of past Earth-wide catastrophes and their galactic superwave origins.

The author provides a large amount of material for further study. LaViolette informed Congress about the phenomenon as early as ; see letter from Senator Packwood to the National Science Foundation. Scientists have long been aware of apparent outflow channels on Mars, evidence of ancient floods around 2 billion years ago.

This farth is not fide featured on Listopia.

The intense superwaves probably occur every 12, years, which is half the 25, year cycle of the precession of the Earth’s axis. Earth Under Fire describes how cataclysmic floods once poured across the surface of Mars caused by the sudden melting of this permifrost during the legendary conflagration. Erin rated it really liked it Aug 28, I recommend this book even though I do not agree with every point made in the book, as he sees all past evidence as pointing to his theory, whereas sometimes it is clear that other things are being referred to, such as asteroid impact.

The following describes an experiment which I believe has successfully slowed down the flow rate of time in the laboratory.