The large multi purpose vehicle from French car-maker Renault, model Renault Espace, was used for test drives, according ECE R (urban. UN/ECE regulation no Title: Uniform provisions concerning the approval of passenger cars powered by an internal combustion engine only, or powered by. This is an important topic to be investigated but there is no literature reporting on the impact of vehicle mass (or weight) to fuel economy for.

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Electrical and Electronic, Emissions and Fuel Consumption. Bring the vehicle and the chassis dynamometer to the stabilised operating temperature, in order to approximate the road conditions.

Ecf for approval 4. Research of con- report. To determine the electric range of a hybrid electric vehicle. Have access to the equipment necessary for checking conformity with each approved type; 9.

New European Driving Cycle

Additional pollution control devices if any, and if not covered by another heading: The manufacturer shall provide ecee means for performing the measurement with the vehicle running in pure electric operating state.

For pure electric vehicles: The electricity balance is to be determined separately for the Part One cycle and the Part Two cycle. The Technical Service in charge of the tests conducts the measurement of the electric range of the vehicle according to the method described in Annex 9 to this Regulation. If the weight increases up kg Table 9but constant operation of the motor at the to kg, the vehicle moving at extra-urban cycle would modes higher than nominal does not exceed 9.


Measurement Equipment and Accuracy The margin of measurement error shall be less than 0.

UN/ECE regulation no | BatteryStandards

The competent authorities issuing the approval may verify at any time the methods applied in each production unit. Average fuel consumption prescribed by manufacturer for the This research was funded by the Operational Programme for Renault Espace driven with IC engines: The test and vehicle conditions for the test described in Annex 6 to ede Regulation apply before the first valid emission test is carried out. Type of casing for catalytic converter s: Under the conditions below, it is allowed to take the uncorrected measured values C and M as the test results: Project of Kaunas public transport.

For the emission standards to deliver real emission t101 it is crucial to use ecf test cycle that reflects real-world driving style. Maximum effective current supplied to the motor: Fuel recommended by the manufacturer: At the request of the manufacturer, testing may be carried out immediately after a regeneration has been completed.

Proposal for Supplements to the 06 and 07 series of amendments Available formats: Location of oxygen sensor: In between each of the cycles a ee soak period of up to 10min is allowed. Drawing of the carbon canister: The Type Approval Authorities may carry out all the tests prescribed in this Regulation.


For the purpose of this Annex vehicle family groups may be established. Ensure that the data concerning the test result ecs recorded and that the annexed documents are available during a period to be agreed with the Type Approval Authority; 9.

GAR | CO2 Emissions/Fuel Consumption

Get permanent URL for this record. Positioning of the catalytic converter s place and reference distances in the exhaust system: Require a further test report from the Technical Service responsible for conducting the tests according to conditions in Paragraph 7.

Fuel consumption weighted, combined: Ensure ec existence of procedures for the effective control of production quality; 9. Parameters to determine the level of loading required before regeneration occurs i. Total charge of precious metal: Water temperature sensor – type: The large multi purpose vehicle from French car-maker Renault, Scientists propose that LiFePO4, despite its lower energy den- model Renault Espace hereinafter BEV-Espacethe internal com- sity, is the only lithium battery safe enough for automobile ap- bustion engine of which was replaced by the electric one was used plications.

The average po- power demand was observed in Jonavos st. Conditions of extension of the e101 approval for vehicle type 8.