Josman Since the February issue of Handjobs magazine, Josman has been tantalizing readers with his explicit depictions of daddy-boy encounters. [e book adult comic] handjobs magazine josman (gay erotic comics) by Hommo Sapiens – issuu. Report Document as copy-rights infringement. Josman Since the February issue of Handjobs. magazine, Josman has been tantalizing readers. with his explicit depictions of daddy-boy.

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Poser Renders by ULF. Click on the Greasetank prisoner and Go to the Poser3d page! This is a collection of poser work consisting of a variety of artists. Since the February issue of Handjobs. Josma in the US. D ivorced dad marcus johnson. Just email me by clicking on my male-box!

[E-Book – Adult comic] Handjobs Magazine – Josman 2004 (Gay Erotic Comics).pdf

Click these raunchy sox! Family Tradition part 2. No responsibility can be assumed for unsolicited material. Short stories available now! Do not use on any website or internet group without permission.


Want to see the list of all the Poser Artists at Daddyshere? At this page, are several unsigned works.

Join my Google Group. From the January issue of Handjobs. Send them to me and I’ll place them here! Dad Fixes An Itch. Any similarity between people and places in the fiction in Handjobs.

Click on the Gossips for. You must be 18 or older 21 in some states to purchase this magazine. My Wild and Raunchy Son 1.

If you find this subject objectionable, I suggest you move on to another page or another site! Published by Avenue Services, Inc. Click my pictures to go to Daddy’s Bio. Safe and sane sexual behavior is encouraged by the publisher.

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Watching him as he showered. Family Tradition part 1. Contact with these render artists! Handjobs is a trademark of Avenue Services, Inc. No part of this publication may be reproduced in. Family tradition part 3.


Toons by Josman

All rights in jsman sent to Handjobs will be treated. You can read the whole novella by clicking on the title. Magazine, visit Handjobs website at: All should contact me via sirdad stny.

Your best wishes, comments or cusses are read and, for the most part, welcome! A few words about your host!

My Erotic Sci-Fi Novella. This version includes sex acts, both consensual and forced, however, josmsn parties in this version are of legal age.

If you find a posting or message from Daddy offensive, inappropriate, or disruptive, please ignore it Stories I Could Tell You.