Java Testing with Spock teaches you how to use Spock for a wide range of testing use cases in Java. Readers new to Groovy will appreciate. Spock is also a superset of the defacto testing framework for Java: Junit. In this article, excerpted from Java Testing with Spock, we will compare. When JUnit was first introduced a decade ago by Kent Beck and Erich Gamma, the Paperback: pages; Publisher: Manning Publications; Second edition.

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Move special case tests to a separate test fixture. Parameterized Test Case overriding runTest. Separate test packages from production code packages. Use a file-based test data repository. May 26, 8: Testing the sample application with JSFUnit. Chapter 15 Testing JSF applications Understanding unit testing frameworks. Test legacy JDBC code with the database. Effective Unit Testing A guide for Java developers. Rainsberger with contributions by Scott Stirling. Collect all the tests in a package.


Place test classes in the same package amnning production code. Jhnit the sample application.

Part 1 JUnit essentials

JUnit does not set up your test fixture. Jan 11, 6: Chapter 8 – In Container testing with Cactus. Testing jumit with HttpClient. Oct 18, 6: Chapter 2 Exploring core JUnit 2. Each recipe follows the same organization giving you the problem and its background before discussing your options in solving it.

Manning | JUnit in Action, Second Edition

Transforming data using ReplacementDataSet. Test CMP meta data outside the container. Let collections compare themselves. Problems with cactifywar task. Dec 30, jnit In an example-driven style, it covers JUnit 4.

Test a session bean method outside the container. Test rendering a Velocity template. Verify the data passed to a page template. Collect a specific set of tests.

Part 1 JUnit Distilled

mabning Managing test suites 4. Basic Question – How to stimulate a mouse click in junit? JUnit fails when narrowing an EJB reference. Automated Web UI testing.

Manning | JUnit Recipes

Aug 30, 4: Creating datasets from existing database data. Working with test data 5.


Vince really stepped up, rather than side-stepping the real problems people face. Dependency Injection Design patterns using Spring and Guice.

It’s a no fluff discussion of unit testing techniques and best practices. See the name of each test as it executes. Executing Cactus tests from the browser. It discusses unit testing of J2EE applications, and shows how to test in automated builds. Nov 4, 8: Nov 18, 4: His popular online jjunit JUnit: Test setup fails after overriding runTest. Test updating session data without a container. Aug 1, 3: Chapter 12 Presentation-layer testing Let Ujnit build your test suite.

Test permissions when deploying schema objects. Advice on making unit test cases independent.

Test a session bean method in a real container. Test navigation rules in a Struts application.