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Sung in ‘F’, capo at 3rd fret, capo 5th string at A. This is the standard notation and chords to cokl tablature setting, How High the Moon Advanced.

Please feel free balck hijack, improve and expand. Here is a sample tab of the G major scale and C major scale for banjo. This is a difficult tune in some ways, it was really not easy at all to force it into Tab. Expert Posted by kevinwholmesupdated: Mercury capo 4th.

Hollies Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress – free midi download

It begins in G just like normal, but then changes keys to Eb for a verse, then to Bb for a verse, and then back to G. Beginner Posted by tomplaysbanjoupdated: The second time through is a little more complicated and incorporates some melodic elements.


This piece is difficult at a medium tempo, let alone the burning fast velocity it sounds best in my opinion at. Expert Posted by Matt Davisupdated: This is an tsbledit difficult piece played at a blistering tempo. I use a lot of staccoto-single-string work in the second part to capture the melody down the neck, but it could also be drsss an octave higher in a more legato-melodic style.

A nice waltz by Pete Jung. I did this with standard G tuning, which is how it sounds best, but this is about fingering, not melody, so technically the tuning of your banjo doesn’t matter.

I hope I did it right this time! Have fun with this one, any suggestions please let me know!

The Hollies – Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress | Free Midi Download

Capo up to B to play with the video. This is one of those tunes you can get lost in and play until the strings on your banjo wear out. Hammer ,ong the forth strong on second fret and keep the string fretted 2 a. If you make a recording, let me know, I’d love to hear it.

An old German childrens song which happens to be the song we use to sing my daughter to sleep each night. The tuning changes to an Open C tuning at the end of the lon. It is NOT an arrangement, but rather posted so that people learning to develop their own breaks have a frame of reference.


The Hollies – Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress 1.mid [free midi file download]

Again, it just sounded right to me at the time, and still does. I just worked up a simple CH tab Has a single string lick, and the ending is a great Don Reno “rake” ending, used on such tunes as his Rural Rhythm recording of “Limehouse Blues”. Expert Posted by John Steeleupdated: There are a few small single string parts in the first two A sections, which are kinda difficult to pull off cleanly.

Expert Posted by schlangeupdated: Beginner standard but does require drop thumb in C chord. Hornpipe easy to play. John Hardy thumb lead Genre: Just look at the sheet music.

Beginner Posted by heronhawkupdated: The first break is the melody, fairly simple but just perfect. What can I say, I have slow reflexes.

I was asked to provide a tab of the way that I play this tune in Sawmill tuning. Beginner Posted by trickupdated: