Description. • Cooking appliance for automatically cooking (Automatic mode) meat, poultry, fish, side dishes/vegetables, egg dishes/desserts, bakery products . Information for the professional kitchen. The RATIONAL Newsletter. Latest information about your combi-steamer or your VarioCookingCenter®; Exclusive. 10 x 1/1 GN grid capacity • iCookingControl with 7 applications • HiDensityControl® for highest food quality • CareControl cleans and descales • 3 phase •

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Cubic Foot [ft 3 ]: With a fill volume of 3. They are exceptionally robust, making them ideal for the tough day-to-day requirements of the professional kitchen. Ultravents are not required for any gas units due to gas regulations in the UK.

The robust versions made from high-grade stainless steel meet the highest quality requirements. Whether convection, steam or combination, in manual mode you regulate all cooking parameters precisely. Rational appliances can be installed even in critical locations, such as shop-front areas. Steam is automatically fan-extracted when the cabinet door is opened no condensation engineering.

Add all products to basket. Thanks to its special design, the GriddleGrid is especially well suited for the preparation of large quantities of grilled products. Installation is simple and it can be retrofitted at any time. View All Kitchen Equipment 61 Categories.

It couldn’t be easier. Rational xmm Muffin and Timbale Mould with 12 Moulds – All you need to do is enter the known value for any given unit, then the table will automatically convert it into the other units. The electrical power rating is Length Conversion Millimeter [mm]: This intelligent system practically eliminates the possibility of human error.


The SelfCookingCenter achieves all this through 4 intelligent functions. Simply prepare enough plates for your guests in advance, and then store them refrigerated on mobile oven racks.

Rational SCCWE101E Combi Oven

It is used for loading and unloading outside the Rational appliance and for safely moving food. The muffin and timbale mold is made from a highly flexible material and has optimal non-stick properties, ideal scc01e delicate desserts and is extremely robust and easy to clean. No thanks Rational Mobile Oven Rack 8 racks, wide spaced rails, image is 10 racks – Add to Product Added.

The standard and bakery versions are perfectly matched to the height of the Rationwl stands and base cabinets. Lease calculator Whether its replacing a old or broken appliances or filling your new business with the appliances you want, not everyone has money lying around waiting to be spent.

No thanks Rational Thermocover For Model – No questions have been submitted yet. Volume and Capacity Conversion Milliliter [mL]: It will perform any cooking operation on any food and save time and money on energy and raw food costs. For your convenience we have provided a unit conversion table. The ergonomic design allows them to be quickly loaded and unloaded. The condensation technology in UltraVent absorbs and dissipates steam.

The HiDensityControl function uniformly and intensively circulates air, heat and moisture throughout the cabinet to produce dishes of an unrivalled quality – from the first rack to the last.


Grid Electric Combination Ovens (10 x GN) – Rational

There is no pre-heating involved. Even escalopes and steaks can be prepared without time consuming turning. Intelligent cooking control simply means you select the results you wish, load the oven and job done! Many different versions with dational rail spacings and dimensions make them flexible to use.

One more step

The large rail spacing means that the entire capacity of the Rational appliance can be used, even with taller bakery products. Thanks to the CombiFry, it is now scc1001e to prepare large quantities of pre-fried products such as goujons, fries and wedges without additional grease.

Please select from the available options below: The lower rack can be used, for example, to hold a granite-enamelled container to catch dripping grease. Imagine a range of cooking equipment – grills, pans, pots, fryers and roasting platters – condensed into 1 unit less than 1 metre square.

This TriLax aluminium perforated baking tray from Rational has optimum non-stick properties, it is extremely robust and offers a long service life. The upper rack is used to hold the stainless steel grid included in the kitfrom which food can rationxl hung easily for cooking. The height-adjustable transport trolley is suitable worktops, raised Rational stands and Combi-Duos.