TDC-GP21 1K ams Data Acquisition ADCs/DACs – Specialized TDC-GP21 1K VQFN32 LF T&R datasheet, inventory, & pricing. TDC-GP21 T&R ams Flow Sensors QFN32 datasheet, inventory, & pricing. Buy Acam Messelectronic Gmbh Acam Messelectronic Gmbh/ACAM TDC-GP21 only $ at EasyEDA components online store LCSC. Sensors|Sensors.

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The propagation delay itself depends on temperature and supply voltage. The figure shows the principle of operation.

Acam Messelectronic Gmbh/ACAM TDC-GP21 – TDC-GP21 – PDF Datasheet – Sensors In Stock |

Therefore the measured value must be calibrated. For more information, please email sales gpta. Clever circuit set-ups, redundant elements and special layout methods on the chip enable the exact reconstruction of the number of basic time intervals. This product suits for the following applications: It drastically simplifies the tdc gp21 of ultrasonic heat and water meters and is the necessary step for compact energy-saving ultrasonic water meters.


General Description TDC-GP21 is a 2-channel TDC with additional analog tdc gp21 like extended fire-pulse generator, zero-cross detection and analog switches for simplifying the tdc gp21 in ultrasonic flow meter applications.

This is done by measuring one and two periods of a reference oscillator. yp21

Ideally this measurement and the following calculation is done by the TDC itself. This type of TDC uses the absolute propagation tdc gp21 of signals through simple logical elements for fine quantisation of time intervals. The wealth of experience acam has gathered assures the ability to integrate all necessary funtions on a single circuit and so to provide tdc gp21 system-on-chip solution.

TDC-GP21 is a 2-channel TDC with additional analog elements like extended fire-pulse generator, zero-cross detection and analog switches for simplifying the use in ultrasonic flow meter applications.

TDC-GP21 Ultrasonic Heatmeater – Time to Digital Converter | Precision Measurement Technologies

For more information, please contact Tdc gp21. The TDC-GPF01 firmware does the linearization and temperature compensation based on spool piece specific calibration data and completes the system-on-chip approach.

The resolution strictly depends upon the basic delay time in the chip. Evaluation software package for GPX2 incl.


Resolutions in the range of 14 ps can be achieved by a simple set-up of the measuring core and the use of a state-of-the tdc gp21 CMOS process.

Ultrasonic heat meters Ultrasonic gas meters Ultrasonic flow indicators Laser tdc gp21 Magnetostrictive sensors.

In other words, it determines how many inverter cycles the measured tdc gp21 interval consists of. The high resolution g21 all the more impressive as this TDC is realized on a radiation hard process.

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The addition tdc gp21 detection makes TDC-GP22 suitable for high dynamic applications as ultrasonic water meters. On the base of the ATMD-System we also develop complete solutions and additional modules tsc fit your application. The latest software can be downloaded here: