17 Sep Prof. (Dr.) Tabrez Ahmad., Professor and Director, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (College of Legal Studies). Follow. Published. Complete Indian Contract Act (ICA) presented in a user friendly design with excellent user experience. Divided clearly into Chapters and Sections and unedited. A fully functional, uptodate and FREE application featuring the Indian Contract Act, with latest amendments. No need to refer Bare Act if you have this.

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Voidable contract 2 i: When termination of agent’s authority takes effect as to agent, and as to third persons. Creditor’s forbearance to sue does not discharge surety. Bailor’s duty to disclose faults in goods bailed. Agent’s duty on termination of agency by principal’s death or insanity.

Certain Relations Resembling those created by Contract. Obligations of parties to contracts. Enforcement and consequences of agent’s contract. Obligation of person who has received advantage under void agreement, or contract that becomes void. Who may be an agent. Reciprocal promise to do things legal, and also other things illegal.

Bailer entitled to increase or profit from goods bailed. According to Section 14. Agreement in restraint of trade, void. Voidability of agreements without free consent. Compensation of loss or damage caused by breach the indian contract act 1872 bare act contract. Discharge of surety by release or discharge of principal debtor. Right of third person claiming goods bailed. Care to be taken by bailee.


Mistake of fact Section Restoration of goods lent gratuitously. Application for performance on certain day to be at proper time and place.

Skill and diligence required from agent.

Indian Contract Act, | Bare Acts | Law Library | AdvocateKhoj

The same rules apply where the agent, renounces an agency for a fixed period. Termination of bailment by bailee’s act inconsistent with conditions. Pawnee not to retain for debt or promise other than that for which goods pledged-Presumption in case of subsequent advances. Enforcement of contract contingent on an event not happening. Effect of refusal of party to perform promise wholly.

Bailor’s responsibility to bailee. Right of parties indiah a contract made by agent not disclosed. Principal not bound when excess of agent’s authority is not separable.

Surety’s right to benefit of creditor’s securities. Textbook on Law of Contract and Specific Relief ed.

Indian Contract Act, – Wikipedia

An agreement must be supported by a lawful consideration on both sides. Guarantee obtained by concealment, invalid. Performance of contract with agent supposed to be principal.

The law of agency thus governs the legal relationship in which the agent deals with a third party on behalf of the indian contract act 1872 bare act principal. Agent’s responsibility for sub-agent appointed without authority. When agent cannot delegate. Further, as per sectionif the agency is for a fixed period, the principal cannot terminate the agency before the time expired, except for sufficient cause. Consideration means ‘something in return’. Application of payment where debt to be discharged is indicated.


Indian Contract Act, 1872

Representation of principal by sub-agent properly appointed. Acceptance by performing conditions, or receiving consideration. Agent’s duty to pay sums received for principal. Person by whom promise is to be performed. Effect, on the indian contract act 1872 bare act, of misrepresentation or fraud by agent.

Views Read Edit View history. The indian contract act 1872 bare act void, if considerations and objects unlawful in part. Liability of two persons, primarily liable, not affected by arrangement between them that one shall be surety on other’s default.

It does not even amount to any representation on which any plea of estoppel may be found, unless there is a duty to make some statement bre to do some act free and offer er must be consent. Ratification of unauthorized act cannot injure third person.

Communication, acceptance and revocation of proposals. Pawnee’s right where pawnor makes default. Promisor and promisee 2 c: Right of finder of goods may sue for specified avt offered.

Obligation of person enjoying benefit of non-gratuitous act.